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Nevaeh Smith

Goaliath 18 inch Mini Basketball Hoop

Goaliath 18 inch Mini Basketball Hoop

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Ideal for your house, workplace, or dorm room, the goaliath 18" tiny basketball hoop boasts pro-grade construction and easy installation. You can place it on any door because to its small size and foam-padded brackets, and the mini basketball is of professional quality, so you'll feel like a pro. Comes with one 5-inch small basketball. Features: ball set and miniature basketball hoop. Ideal for a dorm, office, or home. Clear, shatterproof polycarbonate backboard, measuring 18" by 12". 9" steel rim with spring action that breaks free. Eight loopnet, three plies. Bracket with foam padding for easy installation. includes a 5-inch tiny basketball that is ready for play.

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